​Jesse Daley​


I have been coached by COD coaches since 2012 and after working with them very closely for the past 5 years, I cannot recommend their program enough, their attention to detail, passion for player development and drive to have the highest standards is what sets them apart from any other youth program in the country.

​Roz Minnikin​


Football Centre of Development (affectionately known as ‘COD’)! When they say they
are about ‘Quality Coaching’ and ‘Player Development’, they are not paying lip
service! COD is a breath of fresh air in the realm of football development. 


In COD we have found coaches who have such passion for, and love of, football …
good football … that they drive themselves to constantly modify what they offer to
meet the needs of the players. We may have done multiple COD performance camps,
and each one has been different to meet the needs of the players in attendance. The coaches are not only driven, passionate and professional, they are reliable, organised and educated!  With COD, not only do you have access to the expertise of Kerwin Jean-Pierre (what great experience he has as both a professional player as well as a high profile coach). COD draw in expert coaches/trainers in areas such as Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning, and Goal Keeping.


We realised very early on that we couldn’t go wrong with COD and, consequently, we have experienced every type of program they have offered for the older and more advanced player who wishes to continue to hone his/her skills: Performance Camp, Speed Program, Striker Specific Specialist Program, Trial Preparation Program, Crossing, Finishing, Runs in the Box Specialist Program, and the three day Newcastle Tour with lead-up training.Football Centre of Development offers fantastic programs which develop the player; focussing on improving their technical skills, their ability to work as a part of a well-honed team, their capacity to learn, and their ability to read the game.  In particular, it has been great to find programs specifically for older players (>13yrs). The programs for their younger players are also successful and you can see the enjoyment on the faces of players and coaches alike!


To complement the expert coaching and great player development opportunities, COD is very well administered and organised.  Notification of, and registration for, the programs is professional and timely and questions are readily and honestly answered.  This means that coaches are free to focus on what they do best: coach our sons and daughters! This ensures a positive experience by all.


The Football Centre of Development focuses on getting the best out of the player and I would highly recommend it to any player who wishes to advance with their football, and to any football parent who wants their child to have access to quality football development.